Friday, September 3, 2010

On the drive home last night, my husband asked me if I'd ever been to a concert I didn't like. I had to think about that, but I guess the answer is no. I love concerts, and I go see bands that I love- so it pretty much follows that I'm going to love every one that I see.
Biased or not, Paramore was awesome!
They played a great setlist, with a little acoustic break in the middle, and the encore was fantastic. (They shut down the house with Misery Business, and even pulled a fan onstage to sing :) You could literally feel the music- the speakers created a pulse of wind with every beat. Pyrotechnics amped things up at the end, and the guys even turned flips while they were playing.
Finally I have to say a little something about Hayley Williams. I admire her so much-- call me a tween girl, but she is so talented, full of emotion, beautiful, humble, and just cool. (And the guys aren't bad, either.) Much love to the rockers from Tennessee! Come back soon!

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