Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Show, don't tell.

If you've ever taken a class or read a book on writing, you've heard it. Three little words provide the best, simplest writing advice. But this perfect sentence has an obnoxious cousin: "Easier said than done."

What got me thinking about showing verses telling? When I'm online, I usually end up on a random succession of websites that have nothing to do with why I got online in the first place. A few days ago, I ended up on a photo blog.

At first I thought, what interesting, artsy pictures! As I spent more time exploring, I found that not only were the photos beautiful, they showed the story of the artist's life. Through pictures alone, I learned how the artist likes to change her hair color, how she makes suit jackets and shorts stylish, what she likes to drink, what concert she went to last weekend, and how much fun it was. And I know not because she told the world, but because she showed us.

I might try my hand at this new art form. Whether I do or not, I appreciate the reminder of the power of "showing."

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Health update: What a difference six weeks makes! Today I washed dog #1 and clipped her nails, took dog #2 to the groomer, went to the grocery store, changed the sheets, paid bills, washed three loads of laundry, cooked dinner, and cleaned the kitchen. Thanks for all the well-wishes.