Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a quick Sunday night post... I took a few days off from the web to spend a fun weekend with my family. (I can't say technology, because of course I had my phone, my camera, and my nook.) The weather was beautiful, and we had a lovely time together. I'm glad we were all able to focus on each other.

Just in the past hour, though, I found some things I missed by stepping away from the social network. My sweet little niece took her first steps. My friend's son made a Tardis inspired derby car. Writing contests and giveaways have been going on all weekend and are ending at midnight. I can't help but wonder, what did I miss during the other 72 hours? Several of my blogging buddies talked about the goal of achieving balance in 2012, and I hope to do the same. I hope to find the perfect balance of devoted family time, writing time, and time to connect with friends, both online and in real life.

One of the things I found on my weekend twitter update was a link to several reasonably priced ebook titles. If you like romance, check out Deborah Camp and Lorena Dureau.

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