Monday, August 18, 2014

Fall Inspiration

With summer slipping away, so many changes are coming. In the grand scheme of things, after a month filled with one tragedy after another in the news, I'm looking forward to ushering in a new season full of potential, growth, and thanksgiving. Today I'm photo blogging with images to remind me of where I've been and keep me inspired for the times ahead.

The Upper West Side

At the Met

NYC at night

Boston and Cambridge from the Charles

Boothbay Harbor, Maine at Sunset

From the bay

Peaceful Summer 



  1. Gorgeous pics! Looks like it's been a great summer for you. =)

    1. Thanks! Google started doing this thing called Auto Awesome on my phone, which I'd never noticed before. It added some really cool filters on some pics, and even made some .gifs. That first one was from AA. :)