Thursday, July 30, 2015

Heart Problems

I had a post on books all ready to go last week. But the far too common tragedies, national and local, washed over my news feeds, and a familiar sadness and frustration came with them. Suddenly my book love felt small and unimportant in the face of more and more brutality.

We all like to think these things won't keep happening, maybe because we all like to think that other people are basically good. But that's the problem. People aren't good. I'm not suggesting we don't have a gun problem, and a racism problem, and a sexism problem. But truly, deep down, we have heart problems.

We all feel sadness, anger, hurt, or entitlement. It's how we react to those feelings that not only define us, but also tear down or build up the people around us. I read the sentiment on social media this week that we need more regulations and enforcement, not more prayers. The comment broke my heart a little more, because it's not a one or the other proposition for me.

I am a Christian, so I see the world in the light of those beliefs. I believe the world is broken. That people are broken. I believe we need God, and that Christians and non-believes alike make messes of our own lives and God's intentions for us.

Even if you don't believe the Gospel, try to imagine loving someone enough to sacrifice the life of your child to save him. A person who hates and curses you. Who may be a liar, thief, or murderer. Or maybe just someone who tries to be good, but makes mistakes. I know I wouldn't be able to do it. But God did. And we are commanded to love each other as He did. Sometimes it's hard to love the people close to me, much less strangers or even people who would do me harm.

I think we could see amazing change if only we could genuinely love like that, and see that love multiplied out in the world. And as Christians, that kind of love can impact lives for Jesus. So I pray that I can love more like that, and that others will, too.

Next week, I'll be back to the book scene. But today, I just needed to share a little of the faith that keeps me going, even when things in this world look bleak.


  1. What a thoughtful post, Laurie. I share your concerns and moments of despair. Our planet earth is an amazingly beautiful place and most of us want to live joyful and productive lives surrounded by such beauty. Art, of all things, contributes to tell of the beauty and the challenges of our world. I hope that you will soon return to reviewing books. Meanwhile peace to you.

    1. Thank you, Evelyne. I have a book post ready for next week, but this was just on my heart.

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  2. The headlines have been awful this year in particular, but I think it is nice to know you're not alone in worrying about the world, and there is some small hope in that.

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