Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I've been a little absent from the Interwebs recently. It's easy to click and read with one hand, but more of a challenge to type comments or posts. I'll be back soon, with a slew of end-of-the-year book reviews, but I'm muddling through this post left handed to give a little personal update.

I am so blessed by my wonderful family and friends. This year I've met so many fun people in the reading and writing community, both in person and online, and I'm grateful to have you all in my life! I've been away from the keyboard because I had surgery on my right wrist two weeks ago, and my loved ones have really stepped up to take care of me. I'm doing fine; it was a minor thing that just happened at an inconvenient time.

A few things I've learned this December:

* I can eat, put in contacts, drive, text, and get dressed with my left hand.
* I cannot wash dishes with my left hand.
* Son #1 was amazingly non-whiny while he had a cast on his broken arm for ten weeks, when he was five years old.
* My husband does an amazing job taking care of our family.
* I'm still not used to Florida's 80 degree winters.
* The YA community is awesome, and not just because of the PHENOMENAL giveaways they've put on this month, but because they care about connecting with a network of brothers and sisters who will always remain teenagers at heart.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Music for today: My mom's favorite Christmas song, O Holy Night


  1. I hope your recovery is quick, Laurie, and you have a blessed Christmas regardless. :)

  2. Thank you, Colin. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Hey glad to hear from you and good to know everyone is helping you take care of things. Yeah I can't write left handed but with most other things I am pretty good, I guess my mom being a lefty some things rubbed off ;)

    I feel you on the winters it's not fair. I hope it's at least cold on Christmas day. I find it sad when I can ride a 4-wheeler in whorts and tank top on Christmas day.

    Well I hope you have a wonderful Holiday and get better soon!

  4. Merry Christmas, Eve! Thank you for checking in on me. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!